What is a surrogate mother?

For anyone who has ever ended up wondering “what is a surrogate mother?” this short article will serve or at least try to answer that doubt. Short story long, a surrogate mother is a woman who carry the children of another couple to term. Once the baby  is born, the intended parents who contracted the surrogate will take the child in as their own (the are the parents of the baby) and the surrogate mother will return to o her typical lifestyle.

Being  a surrogate mother  is a reasonable choice for women who wish/desire/want to give the gift of life and parenthood to a couple or individual (surrogate mothers usually can get some type of money related reimbursement for the pregnancy expenses)

As you can imagine, not everyone can be a surrogate mother and on the other hand this is not a journey that is ideal for everyone. For instance, a surrogate needs to be in a good physical shape (BMI) and also certain medical history problems can avoid someone to become a surrogate, but the most important thing is that she must had a previous pregnancy.

One of the key steps for becoming surrogate mother is find the ideal intended parents, it’s important that both parties share the same goals for the surrogacy journey. In this video you will find 25 helpful questions to make to the intended parents.

Surrogates goes through a long medical and psychological screening procedure to guarantee that both she is ready to become surrogate before moving to the legal contract. Also intended parents should go through a medical and psychological screening to ensure they can enter in a surrogacy process.

Once the surrogacy contract is draft and signed the IVF process starts. More often than not, only one IVF cycle is needed (one or two embryos can be implanted in each embryo transfer), however not always is like this. Once the surrogate mother is confirmed to be pregnant, she will have normal checkups with her midwife or OB until the day the child is born.

what is a surrogate mother